Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to ED 2255 Summer I 2011!!

List some ways that a blog could be used with the students in your classroom. State possible advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Jamie Bluestein: Blogs could be useful when discussing a lecture that recently occurred in class. Students will have the opportunity to state their own opinions which they did not get to in class for certain reasons, and be able to have a discussion with others and take in their opinions as well. One disadvantage of a blog would be the simple problem of nobody participating. If there is not a decent amount of activity, then students may end up having discussions with themselves. Also, students may see a blog as 'busy work' and not want to participate due to the fact that it is not important to them.

  2. A blog would be a good way for students in classrooms to freely exchange ideas and concepts. This could pertain to a class reading, an activity in or out of class that everyone participated in, or to work on assignments together in the class. An advantage to blogging in the classroom is collaboration between students, it's a great team building exercise. A disadvantage would be fear of being judged by other students, which would inhibit some students from freely expressing their ideas.

  3. Blogs can be useful in the classroom with students because it can allow for a continuous flow of information and conversation. Students can post comments more than once and respond to other students' comments. This can also be a disadvantage because students could respond harshly or rudely to the other comments on the blog. It would have to be used by the teacher's discretion.


  4. Roman Olchowecky

    Some possible advantages of using a blog are that in some cases students are not comfortable in answering questions in front of a class , the blog gives shy students the ability to participate actively in the class. Another possible advantage is that students when using a blog together they can discuss a topic recently taught in class and if some students need help their class mates are available to help. One disadvantage is that students might abuse the blog and attack other students on it.

  5. Christine: A blog could have many advantages in the classroom. As we just discussed, it is a way for students to participate in an activity without having to do so physically/ orally. The fact that you can comment on someone's blog anonymously has advantages as well. Some students are very shy and do not want participate in class out of the fear of sounding stupid, or whatever it may be. By posting someone anonymously gives them the opportunity to speak their mind and hide their identity. Some disadvantages may be that students may become reliant on blogging and will refrain from participating in an actual classroom setting. Cyber bullying can also be a disadvantage

  6. Some advantages are that technology and internet make it easier to communicate with more people. It can be accessed from a variety of places and lets students work on projects at their own pace if needed.
    On the other hand, not all students have internet access at all times of the day, and they're left at a disadvantage. Especially younger students I think would have difficulty staying on task with something as big and easily accessible as the internet distracting them.

  7. Advantages:
    - blogs can be used as a way to get everyone involved with the material.
    - blogs can allow students to think more about something that happened in class.
    - blogs allow for the learning process to continue outside of the classroom.

    - not everyone may have a computer.
    - opinions/comments can be seen by everyone (could cause problems between certain groups).

  8. Blogs can be beneficial in different ways. One way to involve it in an elementary school classroom is having an online reading community or group. Where students choose a book and then put into groups according to book, and then are given an amount to read for that day and then given an allocation of time to respond to each other through blogging. This allows every student to have a voice and to submit an opinion. Also it makes students accountable for their work. The teacher gets to see it as well and can instruct or discourage negative comments. Overall, I think it can be an advantage to incorporate into an elementary school class.

  9. One advantage of blogging would be hearing the entire classroom's opinions about thought about a topic or subject area without wasting instructional time asking every student. Students would be able to write out their own thoughts and hear the opinion of others. Also, students would be able to write as much and talk about as much as they would like on a blog rather then being cut off in a conversation.

    A disadvantage would be the age of the students submitting the work or the level of the students intelligent regardless of age. For students who are not literate, this would not be an appropriate assignment.

    Jessica Kendust